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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Defective nickel dates?

I have a 1941 D nickel. It looks like it was struck wrong. Just wanted to know if anybody has any info on defective nickels.
Dominic, checking the K

Are there any careers out there for naming things?

as a hobby i like to come up with names for various things. i have a list of over 500 names for various things as company names, names for prescription drugs, etc...i even have a list of fictional place names that a sci-fi author would find pretty useful.

Hmmm, I

How much does a large city apartment cost in NYC?


Should I use a debit card or cash for shopping?

I am only a teen

I need an honest opinion. Is this a good (photography) business name and branding?

I am starting a photography business and my partners and I wanted to have a name that is catchy (something that will be remembered), unique, simple and humble. We came up with Pinhole Idiots Photography. Please visit our website at and tell me what you think. Please answer the following questions.

1. How does the sound of the business name ring to you?

2. What do you think about the overall feel of the branding?

3. Give one word to describe the website? (i.e. nice, classic, funky, ugly, modern, raw?)


77.3 million shares of berkshire hathaway?

for starters i don

What is a good website to buy stocks for newbies?